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GSM Alarm systems

GSM Alarm systems

  1. X500 Alarm System
    Plug and Play
    Secure 868 MHz frequency
    Smartphone controlled

    The X500 Wireless Alarm System uses a regular SIM card with credit to use GSM communication to send out alerts via SMS text messages and voice calls. The Control Panel includes a touch keypad and an LCD screen for easy, visible operation. The X500 also works as a regular telephone, simply dial out on the keypad and talk. A speed-dial number can be saved for emergency situations.

    The X500 can be controlled via the Control Panel, a Remote Control Keyfob, RFID Tag, SMS text message or by the X500 Smartphone App. Control and monitor your System from anywhere in the world via the FREE App, available from the App Store and Google Play.

    The System can be quickly disarmed by simply passing an RFID Proximity Tag across the Control Panel. Each RFID Tag and detection zone can be renamed for easy identification.

    Note: The Three (3) network and 3G SIM cards are not compatible with the X500


  2. X300 Alarm System
    Built-in siren
    Secure 868 MHz frequency
    Smartphone controlled

    The X300 Smanos Wireless Alarm is quick and easy to operate. The system can be armed and disarmed from the handy Remote Control Keyfob. The Alarm uses GSM communication to send alerts via SMS for Alarm conditions, power failure, power recovery and low battery.

    The panel can be remotely controlled and monitored via Phone and Smartphone App. The built-in Siren is an ideal deterrent to intruders. In the event of Alarm activation, the X300 will dial out to up to 5 stored emergency numbers.

    The Alarm supports up to 50 Wireless Sensors and up to 10 Remote Control Keyfobs.